Friday, June 23, 2006

Roger Daltrey Is as Old as He Feels, plus Bay City Rollers Manager into Bling, "Rude Boy" DVD, Another Auction, Lou Reed Say, "Wha?"

  • Roger Daltrey is allowed to live on a technicality.
  • The manager of the Bay City Rollers is on trial for a drug offense, and he claims that he uses the scales in his bedroom to weigh his jewelry. He also added, "Every time I come around yo city, pinky ring worth about fifty, every time I buy a new ride, Bay City on Yokohama tires."
  • The Clash's Rude Boy is coming to DVD. I prefer ZZ Top's "Rough Boy," but you have to take what they give you.
  • Come to this auction for Michael Jackson's self-portrait, but leave with a Monkees tambourine.
  • According to this, Lou Reed either didn't know Coldplay covered "Perfect Day" at Isle of Wight (he was there, too) or he pretended not to know. Either way, I'm satisfied.

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