Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lordi Unmasked, plus Dixie Chicks Kill Radio, Music Recommenders, Bob Marley Is Honorary Pea, Eno Back With Roxy Music

  • A ruckus is being raised because a magazine printed a picture of Lordi's lead singer without his mask. Imagine the furor if they knew that he was singing "Lick It Up."
  • The Dixie Chicks have proven it: Radio is dead.
  • Love the idea of music-recommendation services but don't know which to choose? Get informed. (I like Pandora.)
  • Bob Marley's widow Rita says that he would have loved the Black Eyed Peas. Imagine how Advanced he could have gotten had he lived. Sigh.
  • Break out the fur coats, leopard skins, and feather boas: Brian Eno has reunited with Roxy Music for their next record.
  • I honestly enjoyed Lou Reed's version of "Original Wrapper" on the late-night rerun of SNL the other night. Not in the Advanced way, but in the, hey, I like this because it's good in the traditional sense. I never thought that would happen. I must have reached a new level of Advancement!


Anonymous said...

Love Roxy Music- should be great.


Anonymous said...

I still have vivid memories of Sweet Lou doing some sort of robot dance onstage during Original Wrapper on the Mistrial tour.Those "In Lou We Trust" t-shirts were pretty cool too.Good drum sound on No Money Down.A friend once told me that Mama's Got A Lover was a good Mother's Day song.Boy that Mistrial sure was some good Lou Reed shit.

CK said...

I don't know about the Mistrial stuff, but it is interesting that Brian Eno is working with a reunited Roxy Music. I've always liked them, maybe the solo Brian Ferry a bit more, but pretty experimental and heady stuff for moi, a nascent Young Romantic newly back from European studies in the 70's.