Monday, June 19, 2006

Paul McCartney's B'day Present, "Kill Your Idols," Bush and Radiohead, Griff Calls Out 50 Cent, 50 Cent Develops Computers

  • Paul McCartney's grandkids planned to record their own version of "When I'm 64" with different words for his birthday. But he said they didn't have the chops and recorded it by himself. One of his grandkids said, "If he doesn't want me to play anything, I won't play anything."
  • The movie Kill Your Idols has been picked up for distribution. There is no more Overt statement than "kill your idols."
  • Radiohead gets the Bush family's full approval.
  • Professor Griff (Public Enemy) is upset that 50 Cent's movie was a "step-by-step instruction in how to be a thug" sent out to children. True, but...
  • 50 Cent is teaming up with Apple to produce a new home computer that will be inexpensive enough for poor children to afford them. Advantage: 50 Cent.


Cool Noise said...

Kill Your Idols: a jaundiced look at the evolution of 1970s "no wave" music to today's alternative music scene

Sounds like I will leave half way through then. The legends of the Swans first UK tour were "there were people being sick from the sheer volume of the noise" but this was "in the club across the road from where the Swans were playing". I saw them on the next tour where Michael Gira said the Swans were now "singer-songwriter"(?). Very fine music though - the only band who I would tolerate doing a version "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

Advanced Genius Theory said...

Amusingly enough, My Three Best Friends (on my podcast) was recorded by someone who played with the Swans.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason

Did you see the film this past weekend at Cinema Village? It's really worth a watch. I may actually go again. It was only 70 minutes but I really dug the rare concert footage and the interviews.

Way to be in the know about this film, it was really good to see the evolution of the whole scene.

If you haven't gone CinemaVillage is still showing it.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear real music again.