Friday, June 23, 2006

Rod Stewart: I Check IDs, plus Old Smiths Get Deal, Aerosmith Hammers On, Frank Black Is Bald, Shyamalan Makes Bad Movies That Are Fun to Laugh At

  • I can't tell: Is it cool to have your dad be your chaperone if he happens to be Rod Stewart?
  • Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke just got signed to Blackburn College's label, On Song. If I had known that all you need to get signed is to have been in the Smiths, I would been in the Smiths instead of my college band, Spigot. Guess I'll just have to chalk it up to experience.
  • Aerosmith is ready to make another record (and make rock poses for silly pictures in an empty room), even though Steven Tyler had throat surgery. Something to do with a 100-year-old hammer.
  • Kingblind felt the need to note Frank Black's baldness in a review of his latest work. That's bad kharma.
  • Not only does M. Night Shyamalan make the most enjoyable, laughably terrible movies you've ever enjoyed while not believing how incredibly stupid they are, he's also a dill-hole.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts on Shyamalan, but isn't his behavior, (as well as many of his movies) befitting the advanced theory? I mean, I just don't get "The Village." He had to have known it would suck. Or did he????? Maybe he knows something I don't.

(P.S. I can't stand his directing, so this isn't some pundit trying to explain away his crap.)


Advanced Genius Theory said...

It would fit except that he doesn't have the large body of excellent work that is required of a truly Advanced artist. "The Sixth Sense" was the only movie he made that wasn't amusingly terrible, so he doesn't qualify.

Anonymous said...

you must have sassed someone about balding too!
britt bergman