Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Germs Hitting the Road, plus New York Dolls Probed, Bob Dylan Is Very Contemporary, Perry Farrell Not Extreme, Canceling AOL

  • The Germs are back. With a guy from ER as their frontman.
  • Finally, a chance to probe the New York Dolls.
  • Here's what Columbia Records Chairman Steven Barnett (or his p.r. firm) says about Bob Dylan's next album: "Bob is that rare artist whose music defies all trends and resonates throughout all levels of our culture, and he continues to be as contemporary and relevant as any artist in music." Does contemporary come in degrees?
  • Perry Farrell didn't know that his new guitarist was in Extreme. Sounds to me that Farrell got cold feet about what could have been a very Advanced move.
  • It's pretty hard to cancel AOL. Just ask Ted Turner. Or you can listen to this guy.

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