Monday, June 12, 2006

Lou Reed: Wighting for the Man

I've seen a couple more stories about the Isle of Wight concert, and I think that Lou Reed's performance might have been a little more interesting (and Advanced) than the article in NME suggested. It's been called bizarre and disappointing, and there was also this: "...the most anticipated star was Lou Reed who played as unpredictable a set as you'd expect, frequently deviating into experimental jams, sandwiched between classics such as 'Waiting for my Man' and 'White Light/ White Heat.'" Now I really wish I had been there. Anyway, it sounds like he's mixing up his set from the show I saw last year, which is great news. Could a new phase in his Advancement be on the way? We can only hope.

If anyone saw the concert, please feel free to send me your take.

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