Thursday, June 15, 2006

Union Not Happy With Springsteen, plus Leonard Cohen Documentary, EMI and YouTube, iTunes and Weird Al, Ramones Musical, Beatles Downloads

  • A local union is not too happy that Bruce Springsteen will be playing Pete Seeger's music in a non-union venue. Of course, union guys never get along with the Boss.
  • Here's a review of the Leonard Cohen documentary I'm Your Man. Apparently he's the reviewer's man, but may not be everybody's man.
  • Will EMI save YouTube by destroying it?
  • Meanwhile, iTunes is destroying Weird Al. (I just happened to have listened to "Polkas on 45" this morning!)
  • Gabba Gabba Hey! - A Punk-Rock Musical is going to London. Hey, ho, I'd go.
  • Will we ever be able to download the Beatles legally? Ringo Starr is vaguely encouraging.

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