Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Heather Mills Tasteful Nude Photos, plus Linda McCartney and the Smiths, Online Only Obscurities, Beck, Gene Simmons Is a Real Prince

  • Heather Mills denies that she posed for pornographic pictures. Guess Paul McCartney plays hardball when you want a quarter of his stuff.
  • Meahwhile, in other Mrs. McCartney news, Linda turned down the Smiths' request that she appear on The Queen Is Dead. Thinking that she was a bad musician and singer is Overt, by the way.
  • Looks like record companies have finally figured out that people like to buy music online and that this is a profitable thing for record companies, even if a band doesn't sell as many records as Aerosmith.
  • Stick a fork in Beck's next record.
  • Gene Simmons has some interesting thoughts about Machiavelli and naked women.


Anonymous said...

I wiilnot watch Dancing With the Stars anymore

Anonymous said...

Heathers "Educational book"


Viagra said...

The Smiths are a great band!