Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lou Reed in Ecstasy, plus Razorlight and the Stones, Elton John Overvalued, Paul Simon and Brian Eno, Replacements Retrospective, Robot Worm

  • According to the Guardian, Lou Reed's Gateshead show was "infuriating, thought-provoking, challenging and occasionally breathtaking." Also, he showed up 30 minutes late and played "Ecstasy" for 25 minutes. You just can't top him.
  • Razorlight will be among the bands people will wish would stop playing on the upcoming Rolling Stones tour.
  • Elton John is suing "U.S. tax authorities" for overvaluing his condo in Atlanta. That's funny because people have accused me of overvaluing his music for years and I've never heard from his lawyers.
  • Paul Simon talks to USA Today about making his latest record with Brian Eno and others. But no pie chart, unfortunately.
  • The New York Times is interested in the Replacements in retrospect. Also, whoever created the link must know his replacements. Have a look.
  • Finally a robot that can do the worm for real. It's about time.

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Anonymous said...

While working on a book on Elton John's photography collection, my wife took a dump in his fancy-ass condo. Maybe that would drive the property value down a smidge!