Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ATB (Advanced Theory Bulletin): Explosive Madonna News, Blurry Cartoons, Sartre, Bebe and Ani, Restoration Hardware, Elton, Plus $218 Phone Bill

  • My favorite copyright lawsuit, involving Madonna, a Czech explosives firm, and Semtex, is not going to happen. In case you were interested, guys can be Semtex Girls too.
  • Drummer Dave Rountree of Blur has been collaborating on an animated TV show. In the first episode, a bunch of gorillas are massacred by a drummer without a band.
  • While you might call the police to complain about your neighbor's music, the folks at Wired call Sartre.
  • The Village Voice asks, "Is Bebe the new Ani DiFranco?" Please say the answer is no. (Sorry, I'm just not a DiFrancophile.)
  • Need to restore your iPod? This guy has the answer.
  • Elton John is selling his clothes again. I better get that Donald Duck suit this time! (By the way, I couldn't find a single picture on the Web of him in that costume. There's got to be a story there. I'll look into to it.)
  • A man in Kuala Lampur got a telephone bill for $218 trillion and was given ten days to pay it. He immediately raised his debt ceiling, then cut taxes.

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