Thursday, April 06, 2006

Return of New York Dolls: Reelin' in the Smart

There is an article about the Dolls in Rolling Stone about the New York Dolls' return to the music-making business. Here's some of it:

"That was so weird it was great," crows New York Dolls singer David Johansen, sitting in the control room at the Shed, a small Manhattan recording studio. On the other side of the glass, guitarists Sylvain Sylvain and Steve Conte, bassist Sam Yaffa and drummer Brian Delaney have nailed the keeper take of a track destined for the re-formed Dolls' new album, to be released in June. The song, like the album as yet untitled, is a Delta-juke-joint romp with drunken-parade snare rolls and rusted-screech slide guitar: a different raunch, as Johansen notes in his strip-mined growl, from the mascara-and-fuzz fury of the original Dolls' glitter classics, 1973's New York Dolls and '74's Too Much Too Soon.
"When I heard the new songs, I knew they were capable of sounding like the Dolls but not as nostalgia," says the album's producer, Jack Douglas, who first worked with the band as the engineer on New York Dolls. "They had the stuff."
Delaney has played with Johansen for several years, while Yaffa started out emulating the Dolls' sound and couture with the Finnish band Hanoi Rocks. "They want a balance -- bring your own shit to it but have respect for what went before," Yaffa says of the charter Dolls. "And you know if you go a little too far. David will be like, 'No, no, that's too smart. Reel it back in.'"
I think they can make a good record because they really were a blues band at heart. My only concern is that they will feel depressingly mid-tempo because fast has gotten a lot faster over the years.

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