Friday, April 14, 2006

ATB: Dolly Parton Cookbook, GN'R in Big Apple, Napster Stock, Jada Pinkett-Smith Rocks On, Brian May a Pawn of "American Idol"

  • Trans-Fat America: Dolly Parton is putting out a cookbook called Dolly's Dixie Fixins.
  • Don't tease me like this: Guns N' Roses are playing in New York next month.
  • Who will work his shifts at the restaurant?: B.B. King is going out on the road again.
  • Of course, I download the stock for free: Napster's stock jumped 12 percent (isn't that more like a lurch?) because it is thought that Ericsson will be a "significant growth driver."
  • She's no Fresh Princess: Jada Pinkett rocks much harder than you might think.
  • Simon Cowell is bad company: Brian May said his reaction to Ace Young's version of "We Will Rock You" on American Idol was made to seem more negative than it was, undermining Ace's chances.

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