Friday, April 28, 2006

Neil Young Clickable, plus CMCC v. RIAA-IPFI, Spanish Star-Spangled Banner, Tom Verlaine, Allman Bros. and Cheap Trick Sue Sony, ABBA Taxes

  • The New York Times says that Neil Young's "Living With War" is "worth a click." Which is all it costs, by the way.
  • CMCC PO'ed about RIAA-IPFI.
  • Here's what idiots are mad about now: A Spanish-language version of "The Star-Spangled Banner."
  • Tom Verlaine speaks to Rolling Stone about his two new albums. Apparently, they include jams and spare, improvisatory compositions featuring serpentine guitar licks.
  • "The Allman Brothers and Cheap Trick have recently lodged class-action proceedings against Sony BMG, claiming that their digital royalties are simply too small." I like to think that two bands close every meeting about the suit with a jam session.
  • If you owe the Swedish government 87 million crowns, you better pay up. Even if you did write "The Winner Takes It All."

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