Friday, April 14, 2006

This Is Nerdcore

The first nerdcore compilation CD has finally been made! I'll let them explain:

"Banding together from around the globe, the most talented Nerdcore hip-hop artists who weren't too big, busy or full of themselves are contributing tracks for this monumental event in the making. More artists are signing on daily."
"The CD will be freely available by Bittorrent when it's released. There may be a few tracks that are Internet only, due to Creative Commons licensing considerations. But each artist will also have the option of selling copies at shows, etc. if they want to.

Finally, there will probably be several different pieces of cover art, and even different CD titles. For what it's worth, the version that will be released here will be called 'Rhyme Torrent.'"

Strictly speaking, I've never heard of nerdcore, but luckily I can post this and fool everyone into thinking I have. It's like being at a party and discussing the one thing you know about splines (their name) and then moving on to another conversation before you have to say anything else. Everyone walks off thinking you know all about splines when in fact you are actually an expert on nerdcore. And of course, I don't know anything about nerdcore or splines, so don't invite me to your party if that's what you're expecting!

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