Wednesday, April 26, 2006

iPod Guilt

When I was at Best Week Ever, I wrote something about Netflix Guilt (read all about it, but come back). But I never got around to writing about another similar phenomenon that afflicts the iPod user: iPod Guilt.

Here's what I mean: You've made a great playlist that includes all your favorite music for, say, jogging. But you realize over time that there are some bands that you are always skipping. Usually, it's a band that you know you are supposed to love (in my case, Minor Threat, Outkast, and Talking Heads), and what makes it worse is that you never skip stuff that is a little embarrassing (for me, "What It Takes" by Aerosmith or "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll" by Twisted Sister). For some reason, though, you can't bring yourself to take those skipping bands off the playlist because you supposedly love them so much. It's a very distressing and Overt situation.

Well, I've made a decision that if I skip a song three times in a row, I'm taking it off my Nano. So goodbye "Alceste, Act I, Divinites Du Styx" by Maria Callas, hello "Let's Work Together" by Canned Heat!

What about you? Which of your favorite bands do you skip? Or am I the only one?


Jon said...

Generally speaking, it's hard to get excited about listening to a 35-minute long Magma or Can song during one's morning commute.

Jason Hartley said...

But sometimes it's just the thing!