Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Neil Young: Living With Advancement

The New York Times has an article about Neil Young's new protest album, Living With War, calling it "probably his most partisan work since the song 'Ohio'." Here's some other stuff they said:

"Elliot Roberts, Mr. Young's longtime manager, said the album would be 'more about soldiers' and "what it's like to all of a sudden be 18 and on the line."

The titles on the album include 'Let's Impeach the President,' which features Mr. Bush's voice overlaid above a 100-voice choir singing, 'Flip flop.' Another title is 'Lookin' for a Leader.' The album also includes an a cappella version of 'America the Beautiful,' sung by Mr. Young with the choir.

Mr. Roberts said that he did not know exactly what had inspired Mr. Young to record the new songs, which were written and recorded in a span of roughly two weeks, but that 'I know he watches the news.' He added that he believed the album's sentiments would resonate broadly, adding that 'it's not a political, Democratic versus Republican feel.'"

All of this is great, especially the a cappella "America the Beautiful," but personally I'd prefer another record like Trans or Everybody's Rockin'.

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