Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ATB: Ray Davies Advises McCartney, Village People Cop, Son Jarocho, Bob Dylan Becomes Bob Dylan, Paul Weller

  • Ray Davies has some interesting advice for Paul McCartney: Play folk music or collaborate with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Wouldn't it be great to be inside the mind of an Advanced artist for just a day?
  • The Village People cop got arrested again. Too bad there was no Village People lawyer. The cop might have avoided all this trouble.
  • Son jarocho has made a comeback. Hope you know how to slap a donkey's jawbone!
  • Ever wanted to know how Bob Dylan turned into Bob Dylan? ("History's Homepage") knows. But the question is, how did he then turn into Bob Dylan?
  • Paul Weller is releasing a double live album. It's called Catch - Flame! but I think it would be more successful if it had been called Weller Comes Alive.

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