Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Andy Warhol Auction, plus Prince's Webby, Ween Get Moldy, Peter Gammons Rocks, Courtney Love Writes

  • Some of Andy Warhol's stuff is being auctioned. I've got dibs on his chest.
  • Prince is going to be honored with a lifetime-achievement Webby. Interestingly, "webby" not "slave" was his first choice for his beard-word protest, but his beard wasn't full enough to make the B's.
  • Ween are holed up in a "shitty old farmhouse with a leaky roof and a rodent/insect infestation" with "black mold" making music and plotting a tour. "Black Mold" sounds like a good Ween title to me.
  • ESPN's Peter Gammons has a new album coming out featuring George Thorogood, Juliana Hatfield, and former Letters to Cleo vocalist Kay Hanley. On the record, he does a Warren Zevon cover and a Clash song. How about that!
  • Courtney Love has set the date for the publication of her memoirs. I wonder if she'll include the incident in Atlanta when she grabbed a certain blogger by the testicles.

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