Sunday, May 07, 2006

Paul Simon and Brian Eno's "Surprise"

There is an interesting article in the New York Times about Paul Simon's new record that was produced by Brian Eno. Actually not "produced," exactly, but, well, read this:

"'We met at a friend's house in London, at a dinner party,' Mr. Simon said. 'Brian invited me to his studio. I came over and brought a little bit of this work. He started to play over the CD, and it was a really nice combination. I think we both saw it immediately.'

Over the next two years, Mr. Simon and Mr. Eno convened four times, for stretches of no more than five days. 'I brought him different songs at different stages of completion,' Mr. Simon said. 'He would play something that would add texture or space. Sometimes he would take a sound that existed already and put it through his electronics, change the sound and the musical implication.' The final credits for 'Surprise' read "Produced by Paul Simon, Sonic Landscape by Brian Eno.'"

Good ol' Brian Eno. Anyhow, this is an interesting collaboration for sure, and I'll have more to say about it once I hear the record. Until then, I guess you'll just have to depend on the Times. Sorry about that.

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K said...

Cool! Something I will definately be looking forword to hearing!