Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Starbucks Releases Diana Ross, plus Britain Loves Guitars, Apple Wins, Keith Richard Drains, John Cleese, Buddy Holly's Heirs' Grievance

  • Starbucks will offer an exclusive Diana Ross collection comprised of songs recorded in the '70s but never released. That's gotta be good.
  • Britain loves its guitar music. Are they more Advanced than Americans?
  • RIAA and France are no match for Apple. I could see France surrendering, but I expected the RIAA to hide out in caves and fight to the last man.
  • Keith Richards is going to have surgery to drain fluid from his brain. Good thing he has all that extra blood in that Swiss drug clinic.
  • John Cleese is writing a "World Cup ditty." I'm going to look on the bright side about this one.
  • Buddy Holly's family is upset at the Dixie Chicks. Coo coo daddy longlegs, that's disappointing.

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