Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Keith Richards Is Fine, plus Buzzcocks Get Warped and Shod, iTunes Wants Beatles, Rockists vs. Poptimists, Mike Tyson in Westlife

  • No brain damage for Keith Richards, despite what you may have heard.
  • The Buzzcocks are going to play the Warped Tour for two weeks. I think they're doing it for the free Vans.
  • Apple says they will do "everything we can" to get the Beatles in the iTunes music store. A good start might have been not to go back on the agreement they made not to sell music. Wait, how would that work?
  • Jody Rosen at Slate asks, "Does hating rock make you a music critic?" then writes a bunch of crapola about "rockists" and "poptimists." Does hating music critics make you rock?
  • Mike Tyson wants to record with Irish boy band Westlife. That guy is just too fascinating.

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