Friday, May 12, 2006

Real Unseen "Star Wars" Footage

This is making the rounds on the Internet, but since I don't have any news to report I'll put it up too! It's the real deal, they say. It will be probably be taken down, so watch it while you can.


Anonymous said...

This may be showing my age, but that scene was actually IN the movie when it was originally released in 1977. The first several times I saw the movie in the theatres, that scene was in it. It was taken out after initial release.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this scene of Luke observing the battle between Darth Vader's and Princess Leia's ship above Tattoine has never been seen in the movie. Take it from me; I saw it on opening day in 1977 and several other times following.

If you're remembering this scene, you may be remembering it from the novelization or the comic book, both of which dramatized it from a cut section of the script. But it was not in the movie.