Friday, May 12, 2006

Jann Cold Wenner, plus Backward Light Is Fast, Bjork Box Set, Erasure Get Folky, MC5 Bassist Injured, Depeche Mode's Laryngitis Problem

  • There is an incredibly long interview with Jann Wenner here. He talks about starting up Rolling Stone and why a clean desk is very important to writing good rock criticism.
  • Can't understand how light going backward goes faster than the speed of light? It's a lot like when Burt Reynolds drove really fast backward in Hooper. It's a Very Little Known Fact.
  • The stubbornly Overt Bjork has a box set coming out. I wish the guy from the Sugarcubes (the one who mostly talked) would get his own box set, too.
  • The newest stars of folk? Erasure.
  • Former MC5 bassist Michael Davis was injured in a motorcycle accident. They say he'll be fine and kicking out the jams in no time.
  • Depeche Mode's US tour is in danger because Dave Gahan has laryngitis. Somebody call Ray Manzarek!

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