Wednesday, May 03, 2006

David Bowie at Rest, plus Value-Added Apple, Sean Paul Nixes ZZ Top Collab, Pirate Crackdown, Baby ID Theft

  • David Bowie is going to take a year off. That's nice; he's been working too hard lately.
  • iTunes is looking a little creepy these days. (Maybe I'll start charging extra for jokes that are actually funny. Must talk to my lawyer.)
  • Sean Paul turned down a chance to collaborate with ZZ Top. Fool! Has he never never seen the "Legs" video?
  • The industry is cracking down on piracy in twelve states. So if a guy in a suit, a fake beard, and a patch on his eye offers to sell you Pearl Jam's new CD for $5, don't fall for it.
  • Someone stole this baby's identity. I say find the illegal German immigrant who did it and let him rot!

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