Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Neil Peart's Cowboy Way, plus Scissor Sisters' Ode to Macca, Tom Verlaine, Rockers, Sell Out Concert in Ten Minutes, Name That Dolphin

  • Neil Peart has a special composing hat that he requires if he is going to write. No, it is not a Packers cheesehead hat.
  • The Scissor Sisters have written an ode to Paul McCartney. Now maybe he'll drop that McCartney/Lennon songwriting business.
  • Tom Verlaine wants people in 2030 to find Marquee Moon interesting. Do I have to wait that long?
  • Rolling Stone uses "rockers" in a headline. That is so Jackson Browne. (More about "rockers" later -jh)
  • Ever wonder how concerts sell out in ten minutes? Wonder no more.
  • Dolphins have names. So now you really, really can't eat tuna.

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