Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Simon Cowell Disses Prince, plus Morrisey Against Vivisection, Dave Grohl Lives, Sammy Hagar Tours, No Need to Mention Harvard in Weezer Articles

  • Simon Cowell obviously doesn't understand Advancement.
  • Morrissey has come up with a put-down that is sure to be the next big thing: "Go and be vivisected yourself." Not sure which finger or hand gesture will accompany that, though.
  • Dave Grohl is not dead, and I feel pretty good myself.
  • The upcoming Sammy Hagar tour (featuring Michael Anthony) sounds incredibly awesome. Unless you don't like the idea of a roving Cabo Wabo village (see an artist's rendering) that will be "jammed with bikini girls, body builders, mariachi bands, food, drink, contests and probably some other cool stuff to boot."
  • At long last, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo has graduated from Harvard. Now let us never speak of where he went to school again.

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