Monday, May 08, 2006

Stream Brian Eno/Paul Simon, plus No Lennon at Apple Store, Buzzcocks vs. Racism, Jack White Is It, Lou Reed Explains It All

  • Stream the new Paul Simon/Brian Eno collaboration at AOL. Dig that sonic landscape!
  • Apple won't get access to John Lennon's solo work because of the dispute with Apple Corps. You're going to have shave your fish somewhere else.
  • Graham Coxon and the Buzzcocks hate racism, will rock to show it.
  • Jack White says that making Coke commercials isn't selling out. He explained, "I thought it would get me on the Advanced Theory Blog."
  • Finally, here's what Lou Reed has to say about his photography show in Rome (I've given you some of this before, I think): “[T]hese images are the result of a small attempt to share the beauty that has bedazzled the consciousness of this viewer standing on the edge of the river with a box in hand trying to catch the lightning bolt of time. This is organic photography, a recording of the city’s celestial light show—the blazing changes from dawn to dusk across the Hudson—an everyday recording of the majestic flowing sky and waters produced by a deity of such endless talent and originality that a photographer can only snap, focus, and pray that this or that camera, lens, digital back, and all the technical advances coming by the minute can somehow capture a fragment of the quickly shifting magnitude being presented for the inspiration of anyone looking.” That's exactly what my dad told his friends before he showed them a slide show of our family's trip to Disney World.

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