Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Osmonds: "Crazy Horses"

This was sent to me by an Advanced gentleman I know. He describes this video well: "early, howling avant-synth pioneers . . . the Osmonds. Who knew?" It is also very clear why Donnie became the star because while the song totally rocks, the lead singer's voice just doesn't cut it. But when Donnie comes in, hold on to your hats. And wait to your hear the intense synth wizardry!


Anonymous said...

Donny doesn't "come in" vocally at all on this song. Jay Osmond sings lead, with Merrill (the groups usual lead singer) providing the "what a show, there they go, smokin' up the sky" parts.

Anonymous said...

Well I can see the confusion, all of these guys look the same. I thought it was a group of 5 Donny's they all look like Donny 2 me