Friday, May 19, 2006

Styx Say Thank You Very Much Contemporary Youth Orchestra, plus Ray Davies Dates, Franz Anti Tout, Merrit Flame War, Coors Light's New 70,000 Pack

  • On May 25, Styx will perform with Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra as part of the Rock the Orchestra series at the Blossom Music Center. Wouldn't you love to be the lucky kid who gets to play Kilroy?
  • Ray Davies has added more dates to his tour. Let me be the first to say, "Thank you for the dates, those endless dates, those sacred dates."
  • Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos has something against Thatcherite capitalists. His next target: Chamberlainite appeasers. Go get 'em, Alex.
  • Stephen Merrit's "racist" musical taste merited a flame war. I like to think I had a Kleenex in the fire.
  • Someone else agrees with me that you can drink 70,000 Coors Lights and still not be drunk.

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Doug Harr said...

greetings - this is a great shot of Dennis performing live, and I wondered if you knew the photographer - as I would like to license this for a book. If so I can be reached at or at gmail. Great blog - Thanks!