Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Genesis Reunion, plus George Clinton-ween, Nike and Apple, New York Dolls Jealous of Stereogum, Maripol, Willie Nelson Smokes Pot

  • A Genesis reunion, with Peter Gabriel, is being planned for 2008. I guess Gabriel's going to have to get the masks out his mini-storage space. Hope he can remember the combination.
  • So-Overt-He-Must-Be-Advanced George Clinton will star in and score Horrorween. I can't believe that isn't already a Ween song.
  • Nike and Apple are teaming up to create running gear. I don't think that Apple has learned its lesson from their recent time in court because the gear is called, "Beatles-Rolling-Stones-Allen-Klein-Reebok Wear."
  • New York Doll Shanon Kelley likes music bloggers, though he thinks they have more power than the New York Dolls.
  • French artist-designer-photographer Maripol took pictures of people you've heard of. Plus she invented wearing the black rubber bracelets that Madonna made famous.
  • Willie Nelson says that smoking pot helps him judge whether songs that he writes are any good. He better watch out, though, because marijuana is a gateway drug that can lead to reggae records.

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