Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peter Bogdanovich Talks About His Tom Petty Documentary-ovich

Billboard has an interview with Peter Bogdanovich about the Tom Petty documentary he's working on. Here a bit of what Mr. Round Glasses And Ascots had to say:

"I know a little bit about rock 'n' roll, but I'm not an expert," Bogdanovich confesses. "I thought I'd learn something because I'm not set in my ways."


"I'm attracted to things that are very American -- basically Southern American -- and I think his songs have a kind of ambiguity and impressionistic quality that are very intriguing," Bogdanovich says. "It connected to some pop culture phenomena that I'm very interested in. He was bowled over by Elvis and inspired by the Beatles, and before that by the Western. . . . That appealed to me."

He promises that it will be a warts and all documentary. I'm fine with the warts, but is it possible to leave out Jeff Lynne? (I think Jeff Lynne may be Advanced, but he's too Advanced for me.)

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